Meet the Developers Behind the Projects – Riste Kabranov

Riste Kabranov is a senior Python/Odoo ERP developer for Simplify-ERP and has been the longest with our company. He started working for Simplify-ERP in our offices in Skopje, but in March this year, he took the responsibility of opening our 2nd Macedonian development-office, in Kavadarci.

The office in Kavadarci presents a great opportunity to expand our team of software developers for odoo ERP.

We had a chat with Riste and we asked him a few questions in order to get to know him better.

Riste, could you share a moment that made you proud of yourself during your time at Simplify-ERP?

Every moment when I realize that I have achieved the clients’ requirements makes me proud.

How did that help you grow on a professional level since you started working here?

It helped me learn how to deal with clients and to contact companies. I became a senior in the right way with a lot of hard work.

Working directly with clients is part of your job as a senior developer. You are probably by now a real expert when it comes to dealing with clients.

Tell us what inspired you to become a developer?

I decided to pursue a career in software development because I want to use my brain to make money and not my muscles.

Which is a pretty good reason, if you ask us.

And finally, what is your motto that helps you get out of bed in the morning?

Do more work so that you can sleep better tonight.

Riste left us with this inspiring motto, but we agreed to resume our chat when he has more free time.