Odoo Business Analysts

Business Analysis Precedes Technical Implementation

Competent business-analysis precedes technical implementation in digital transformation projects. To that end, Business Analysts (BA) play a central role in every Odoo project, on the one hand consulting intimately with the stakeholders at the customer end and on the other with the implementation team of Odoo functional and technical specialists.

Simplify-ERP™ makes it's BAs available for your implementation and ERP-lifecycle projects.

Which Business Processes do we Specialise in?

Simplify™'s Business Analysts specialise in the following processes.

  • End to end sales processes for B2B, B2C/Retail and Online

  • Warehouse & Logistics

  • Light Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Accounting, Finance and Book-keeping

  • Purchase

  • Web-CMS Applications and E-Commerce

  • Recruitment and Staff Management

  • Project Management & Groupware

Process Integration

One of the challenges we solve for our customers is to integrate business processes into a single seamless digital-first system. With Odoo as the digitalisation platform, we streamline company processes, internal as well as external to ensure maximum efficiency.

We design the interactions between external systems and Odoo, for example one-time data  imports or realtime data-synchronisation.

Similarly we organise the comprehensive consolidation of business data from multiple functional sources into Odoo, making the latter the "Single Point of Truth" (SPOT).


Using primarily Odoo's Scheduled Actions, Automated Actions and the Linux cron jobs,  recurring tasks are regularly automated. The goal is to reduce man-power costs, reduce error-rates and increase process fluidity.

Network Effects

Sometimes our expertise falls short of the tasks at hand to solve customer situations, possibly due to limitations of specialisation or scarcity of time. In such cases, we reach out into our network of collaboration partners, whom we pre-qualify on behalf of our customers.

While such networked-thinking allows us to almost always have answers for our customers' needs, they also benefit from a trust-network to competently deliver on even the most complex projects.


For a closer look at our projects and experience, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Ashant Chalasani

Senior BA

As a primary contact to several Odoo Partners as well as end-customers, Ashant has helped dimensioned the business requirements of numerous business and lead the implementation of Odoo as their digital nervous system. 

Hendryk Kunth

Senior BA

Hendryk was CEO of a traditional brick & mortar company, where he helped to develop implement their E-Commerce strategy, before he decided to become an Odoo consultant, specialising in business process digitalisation.

Alex Stojanovski

Business Analyst, Sen. Developer

As a long-time Odoo developer, Alex decided to expand his thinking and skillset into functional consulting in Odoo deployments. He brings a unique cross-section between hands-on technical knowledge and understanding of business processes.