As a service provider, experience is our most important asset. We bring over 10 years of eCommerce experience to your projects, including shop expertise, B2B platforms and of course process experience with Odoo.

For the following services, please do not forget that, of course, all of the existing modules of an ERP system in Odoo are available to customers. The desired modules are activated or not activated in Odoo.
(Lunch planning ??, online chat ??, vehicle fleet ?? CRM?)

Here we offer an overview of our projects. We would be happy to enable you to contact selected customers. Please inquire informally.

Food trading company

⇢ Food trading company with partly own production

⇢ The Simplify-ERP ™  WooCommerce-Odoo connector was switched between the online shop and the existing ERP for the purpose of total digitization of the sales and product management processes

⇢ Amazon Seller was integrated with Odoo

⇢ Amazon FBA Fulfilment By Amazon was connected via Odoo

⇢ German accounting processes were implemented

⇢ Daily flow of around 150 orders

⇢ Import of Commerzbank account statements

⇢ Shipping via FBA and DHL

⇢ Customer support via the help desk module from Odoo

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Retail company with branch and online store

The Simplify-ERP ™ multichannel e-commerce data bridge between futura4retail and the online sales channels - Shopware and Rakuten

German fashion retailer for women and men with the representation of high street brands such as Armani, Guess, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Diesel

Multichannel online sales with Odoo via Rakuten and our own Shopware webshop

Shopware Odoo connector  for the online shop connection

Rakuten Odoo connector  to Rakuten

Inventory comparison between futura4Retail and the sales platforms

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Online shop for toys and accessories for children

⇢ Online shop for toys for children based on  Shopware. Simplify-ERP® Odoo - Shopware connector for multichannel eCommerce has been implemented.

⇢ Top brands such as  Ravensburger, Lego, Crayola, Carrera and Fisher-Price.

⇢ Central product and order management via the  Simplify ERP® multichannel eCommerce interfaces

⇢ Integration of the SwissPost shipping notes via the official interface API including barcode integration

⇢ Product catalogue management via Odoo

⇢ PayPal integration for direct import of payments into Odoo

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Quality control for wood

⇢ Medium-sized machine manufacturer of measuring devices for the wood industry

⇢ Creation of extensive offer documents for individual solutions for individual customers

⇢ Document management server integration with Odoo

⇢ Extensions to the product information template in the standard Odoo.

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