Training for Shopware online shop operators with omnichannel odoo back office

You are a trading company and manage an online shop based on Shopware and would like to use odoo for your back-office processes? This training provides you with immediately applicable technical and management knowledge for using odoo as a scalable open-source omnichannel platform.



In a face-to-face seminar (or your online alternative) you will learn the following topics relating to the Shopware interface for odoo.

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  • Assortment management including variants, price and Inventory management

  • Care and Administration of customer master data

  • Order processing in odoo

  • Catalog management via omnichannel catalog manager

  • Distribution of shop management tasks in Shopware u. odoo backends

  • Technical requirements for the connection of the Shopware plugin for odoo

  • Optional topics related to omnichannel e-commerce. (See table of contents below)



Assortment management
  • odoo multichannel architecture

  • Multichannel catalog system

  • One-time import from the range of the existing shop into the odoo

  • Editing of an article with details about the shopware

  • Variant management

  • Price management

  • Management of media data - pictures, videos, etc. PDFs

 Customer management / CRM
  • Import of customers from the Shopware shop into the odoo (one-time)

  • Processing of customer master data in odoo

  • Sales overview of orders by individual customer

  • Telephone orders, plus online sales


Order processing
  • Centralized management of orders

  • Order processing

  • Additions to existing orders

  • Tracking number to customers

  • Introduction to the template system for email communication with customers

  • Connection to shipping companies

Optional (Please note the surcharge for these optional workshop segments.)
  • Multichannel e-commerce strategy with odoo

  • Scalable architecture and technology

  • Expansion of your omnichannel offer through your own programming

  • Introduction to already supported omnichannel platforms


For a workshop appointment, please pay attention to the following guidelines:

Bring your laptop, preferably with the latest version of Google Chrome web browser
We provide training instances from odoo Enterprise.
Dress code is office casual
We provide a light buffet, coffee and pretzel.