Odoo Multichannel eCommerce Connector for Shopware

More and more online retailers operate their shops on the basis of Shopware.

The integration of your Shopware webshop with odoo does not necessarily have to be expensive, technically complicated and time-consuming.

With the help of the odoo interface for shopware , you can connect your online shop with odoo ERP or the odoo data bridge for multichannel e-commerce with little integration effort and cost and time investment .

The odoo interface for Shopware ensures the automatic and regular synchronization of your

  • Article master data

  • Stocks

  • incoming orders, as well

  • Customer data

The interface also takes on the management of variant prices, item images and the price allocation to the Shopware customer groups. She also takes care of preparing customer data for smooth customer support and sending shipping tracking numbers to customers using ready-made templates.

Do you already operate multichannel e-commerce or would you like to start doing so in the near future? The Odoo interface for Shopware ensures individual management of your Shopware range, completely separate and independent of your other online sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, partner web shops or B2B marketplaces.

Do you already have an inventory management system in-house? Even then you can connect odoo as a data bridge between the existing WaWi / ERP and the online sales platforms. You benefit from a fully scalable multichannel e-commerce platform.

With all the technical hearing requirements for integrating your shop in odoo cleared, you can concentrate fully on the sale and marketing of your range.

The standard integration usually takes one week. You can also rely on competent advice and reliable maintenance during live operation.

Try the solution yourself, or seek advice. We are there for you.